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Oushi Fashion Designing commenced with an inspiration of maintaining the touch of glamour to the new couture with an expertise of fresh ideas of fashion designing and tailoring.

The company’s excellence on designing ladies’ wear for special occasions like weddings, parties, shows/functions, Abaya-Shellah wears.  Each piece has an intricate designs similar to a mother’s sewn dress for her baby showcasing uniqueness and glam.

Company Mission
Creating every woman in an institution as a chic lady while bringing out her better looks has been the heart of the company since it has started.  The inspiration of creating designs from nature down to fantasy world of haute couture.

The company logo defines Oushi Fashion Designing’s open with free line for clients’ ideas for a beautiful piece.

Our mission is dressing up a woman as a chic lady enhancing her feminine looks. Oushi Fashion Designing has been inspired by United Arab Emirates’ rich heritage with the collaboration of dynamic environmental influence and the touch of global fashion trend.

Products & Services
All the products  are created from the superior quality of crystal beads, sequence, etc.  Each details were carefully stitched and handmade to create a new couture, night gowns, wedding gowns, baby gowns, Abaya-Shellah wears and ready-to-wear garments.

Bringing out the beautiful  looks in every ladies has been the priority  regardless of age limit. Thus, we also add further accessories that would create a better image  such as handbags, hair accessories, nickels,wristlets, etc. that are delivered to the doorstep of our valued clients.

Skills & Training Policy
Oushi Fashion Designing has held several internal training for its employees to raise their professional skills in order to upgrade the knowledge in creating better quality of the products and services.

The Quality Director has taken his sole responsibility in evaluating the skills for each employee.  On the other hand, an external training garnered from institutions were added to develop each employee’s awareness for the latest technology and materials.

These training are highly essentials in order to create a dynamic relationship towards the company and its valued client.  Fresh ideas and designs are given to serve the client’s distinctive tastes of fashion.




Oushi Fashion Designing is excellent in designing fashion ladies wear. It started from garnering an idea of the creation of new couture and ready wear garments with expertise in fashion designing and tailoring... More
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